What will this adventure be like?

In mid-November of 2013, we will be flown to Antarctica and dropped off on our own to start a 560-mile journey. Our plan is to ski from the edge of the continent to the geographic South Pole. With no guides and no resupplies, we’ll each haul 180-pound sleds for 10 hours a day for approximately 45 days. Enduring the coldest and windiest place on earth, this will be an enormous physical and mental challenge – something few married couples would attempt together.

Why journey to the South Pole?

As one of the last frontiers on earth, we long to experience Antarctica’s amazing environment while still wild and pristine. Only a handful of people make a full expedition to the South Pole in any given year (versus Mt. Everest which can have hundreds summit in a day). A South Pole journey promises extraordinary adventure and enormous challenge, not to mention memories for life. And we hope our expedition will inspire others to imagine possibilities that seem beyond their reach, to push outside their comfort zones, and reach their full potential.

Why name the expedition 3 Below Zero?

While we wish 3 below zero was the average temperature in Antarctica, we’ll likely experience temperatures between negative 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit during November and December, the summer months in Antarctica! The “3” in 3 Below Zero actually represents our team – Chris, Marty and you — our family, friends, and supporters. It’s a big thank you to everyone who will help make our journey possible.