Day 24-DSC_2863-smallHours traveled: 9.5
Miles traveled: 15
Total miles traveled: 279.9
Miles to the pole: 296 miles
Elevation: 5055 ft.

Translation from voicemail: Hey there, this is Marty and Chris and we’re doing something a little bit different for Christmas Day, this is Day 24 for us. We’re calling in, this is hour six of our nine and a half hour day. We’re going, well right now I am in my parka with my back turned from the wind so hopefully you can hear me okay. We’ve had, we’re head on into the wind, fifteen mile an hour winds gusting to twenty. When it gusts to twenty it’s like, the snow is blowing at us. And it’s not really like snow, it’s like little grains of white sand blowing and you can actually hear it hitting you sometimes.

Uh, this is a, uh, sort of an emotional day for us, Christmas Day because we are not home with Keenan. And we had a call with him last night that for the first time brought both of us to tears at the same time, not that we haven’t had tears separate. And we really miss him and hope he’s having a great Christmas. I am going to let Chris say something here.

So, I have thought alot in my six hours of skiing today about all our family and friends and all the fun they are having today. And I can’t say I am unhappy being here. I am actually happy and joyous to be in Antarctica. That’s what our plan was and my heart has been filled with thoughts of thinking about……, just all……. can’t talk… and friends and you know all the love that you guys are giving us fills me up.

Okay, I got the phone back I guess. Uh, you know (unintelligible) calm down in your tent after you have been there a couple hours and I know we haven’t given you much emotion and drama but it’s a little different when you are pulling in, into a six hour day and it’s a struggle. But Merry Christmas everybody and have a great day. Bye