Day 3-specialHi, this is Chris again. Sounds like I might have got cut off there. I was just gonna answer a few questions tonight and one of the questions was how you keep stuff organized what I was saying was our tent is actually about the size, a little bit. It’s about the sign of a king size bed in here I’m thinking. So if you can imagine, we have our couple mats that we sleep on in here and then off to the side each of us has an area we keep our clothing. And it’s all labeled. All of Marty’s stuff is labeled with his name and my stuff is labeled with mine. So we have a lot of things that are similar looking so that helps us stay organized.

Another question we had was who cooks. And we actually share cooking duties. So we’re trading off every day. So today Marty cooked breakfast and dinner and tomorrow I’m cook breakfast and dinner.

And we had somebody ask how do you like the tent graffiti. So before we left we had some family and friends sign our tent. We read it once we got here, what people wrote, little messages from family and friends. And want to just read you a short one here. This was from our friend Ryo and he wrote, “To two of the strongest people I know” and in quotes, “Life only demands from you the strength you possess.” And that’s an unknown author. The funny thing is which is that is a really awesome quote. The funny thing about it is It’s right about Marty’s head, and he said for the first few days he kept reading that and he thought it said to two of the strangest people I know instead of two of the strongest people. Which is kinda funny. We love that one. Thank you Ryo.  And we love all the other ones that are in here. It really makes us feel loved and supported. It’s great, they are awesome, very inspiring. Okay well that’s it for tonight. And we will chat with you tomorrow. Over and out.