Day 38-DSC_2893-smallHours traveled: 10
Miles traveled: 14.3
Total miles traveled: 460.7
Miles to pole: 120
Elevation: 8821 ft.

Translation from voicemail: Hey there everybody. Marty and Chris here, Day 38 for us. So today we fought our way through another patch of tough sastrugi. And some, and things now appear to be easing off, and late tomorrow we should just about reach the polar plateau. So we’re pretty excited about that. So day thirty eight, they’ve all been very tough but the last ten days have been a battle for every mile for both Chris and I on many levels, mentally and physically. I’ve seen enough sastrugi in the last ten days to last a lifetime. And last night I went out and knocked chunks off one with a shovel to use for melting for our water and it actually felt kind of good to knock the chunks off of a little bit.

And today as we are going along we had a really strong day today. And today for the first time, I let the thought of actually doing this (unintelligible). But actually started to think we are going to do it, which is a little different to me. I’m kind of a second half racing person and I always feel better the second half and I’m feeling pretty good but, you know. I’ve always believed, and after three years of planning, training, spending lots of money, quitting my job and all of the sacrifices and help from our friends, family and our son, all of that has certainly kept us, kept us going. And we’ve, Chris or I have never ever talked about stopping. We’ve always known we’re gonna keep driving on. Just, you know, a big expedition like this you worry about things that could go wrong.

So at this point we have about one hundred and twenty miles. And we have nine days of food. So, you know, we’ll, we’ll keep it exciting to the end. And I don’t want anybody to worry, you know, if there is a big storm or something, you know, family or anything. We can always hunker down and have something dropped, but we’re unsupported expedition and we don’t want anything like that to happen. So we’re gonna make it nine days of food, one hundred and twenty miles. Thanks so much for following everybody and have a good evening.