Day 34-DSC_2885-smallHours traveled: 9
Miles traveled: 12
Total miles traveled: 405.9
Miles to pole: 173
Elevation: 8000

Translation from voicemail: Hey there, Marty calling in for today’s team 3belowzero voice blog person. I just got in the tent after a nine hour day today and really today was about representing why Chris and I make such a good team. She’s looking at me right now. You know we’ve planned three years for this and there’s a reason why, you know, it hasn’t been done very many times and we both knew that and today my day, really came to have bad day.

I’ve had a bad hour or two. The last hour, every once in awhile. Every day or so I have a bad hour or two hours where I am tired but today I had a bad day. And you know it kinda started off in the morning with looking out the tent into a white out. And just getting out in it, I just had no energy, just down to the very core, I had no mental, mental or physical energy. It was a white out. It was rough. Constantly just sastrugi and big grooves and I just couldn’t lead and I couldn’t concentrate.

Day 34-image1And fortunately why Chris is a good teammate she did have a good day today. And she pretty much led the whole day. I told her if she could lead, I could follow, and I followed for nine hours. Didn’t, couldn’t get it together at all today. I thought sometime I would rally. I didn’t. But I just followed along.

Chris kept leading. At one point she stopped and we hugged and I had my first, first time I cried on the trail. But that’s why this is such a hard thing to do and we know that. And we know we’ll get through that and it’s great to have my spouse out here as a teammate. I think if I was out here with another guy you would have a looked at me and told me to man up, stiff upper lip, you know, all that kinda stuff, punched me in the arm. And I probably would have done the same and with Chris and I it’s different.

Chris has had bad times and I’ve been able to step up, I don’t think she has had a bad day yet. But I certainly did. But we still did nine hours and we got through it. It’s still a white out outside, but great job Chris, leading today and that’s it. Thanks a lot and don’t have anybody to shout out to today. My brain is tired. Marty out.