Day 25-DSC_2866-small Hours traveled: 8.5
Miles traveled: 14
Total miles traveled: 293.9
Miles to pole: 282
Elevation: 5230 ft.

Translation from voicemail: Hi, Team 3belowzero here. It’s Day 25 and it’s getting colder here in Antarctica. We are sitting in our tent right now and we’re feeling a lot cooler than when it was 40 degrees. I think as we get closer to the pole it’s getting colder and also we’re higher in altitude.

Anyway, today started out as what was looking like (was) going to be a perfect day. Not too much wind, just enough to be comfortable, nice gentle terrain. And then, of course, about five hours into the day the weather started changing and you know it was shuffling of what to wear. It got me thinking, is there a perfect day skiing in Antarctica? Maybe that’s just an elusive dream that we have there could be a perfect day here. So instead I wondered, maybe there is just a perfect moment. And what is that, what does that look like here in Antarctica.?

Day 25 image1Well for me it’s skiing when you’re not too cold or hot and your balance, your body is like in this perfect balance. And your goggles are not fogged up. And your body is moving with ease. And your either in, really into an audio book, or into some great music, your deep into thought,or you’re just really enjoying the pure silence. And that’s, (unitelligible)¬†¬†that’s simple, little simple things combine make it to be really a great moment and when that happens I get great joy here in Antarctica.

And today I had a perfect moment for a whole hour. It’s just seemed to evaporate. It was just totally awesome and maybe that was a form of moving meditation I’m not sure but, d#$n the hour was gone that I was leading. Then of course you just snap out of that moment because, you know, you notice your hands are freezing. And you really need to tend to those so they don’t get overly cold. Just kind of a constant thing you’re checking in with yourself. So if I could find a perfect moment each day here I think that we’ll find, I’ll find great joy and happiness on this trip. Which is probably true in life as well.

So today I just wanted to give a shout out to Helen Thayer. She’s one of the people who provided inspiration for us for this trip. So thank you Helen. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday season. And the rest of you I hope you’re still off enjoying the holiday, sharing time with family and friends, eating lots of good food, staying warm. All right, we’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Photo is of trying to thaw out icy goggles!