Hours traveled: 8.5 Miles traveled: 12.1 Total distance covered: 67.8 miles Elevation: 1776 feet Translation from voicemail: Hi everybody this is Marty and Chris, team 3belowzero and yes, Marty’s…Read more

Hours traveled: 8.5 Miles traveled: 12.5 Elevation: 1532 feetĀ  Translation from voicemail: It’s day six in Antarctica. This is Chris. Marty is here with me as well. And today…Read more

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Hours Traveled: 8 hrs and 11.5 miles Distance to pole: 541.5 miles Translation from voice mail: Hi, this is Chris and Marty calling in to give you an update…Read more

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Distance to Pole: 600 miles Temperature: 10F Elevation: 2,297 feet Hi this is Chris calling in from Antarctica. Yes, we finally arrived here. This morning we got on a…Read more