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Day 44. Google voicemail did not transmit today due to technical difficulties. However, below is a photo that came through today. See below. Chris and Marty continue towards the…Read more

Hours traveled: 8.5 Miles traveled: 12.9 Total miles traveled: 510.9 Miles to pole: 58.9 Elevation: 9091 ft. Translation from voicemail: So, Chris here, Team 3belowzero, Day 43. I’m calling…Read more

Hours traveled: 9 Miles traveled: 12.5 Total miles traveled: 498 Miles to pole: 72 Elevation: 9046 ft. Translation from voicemail: Hi Chris here, Team 3belowzero, Day 42. Yes we…Read more

Day 40 8.5 hrs, 12 miles, elevation 8990, 97 miles to pole Day 41 8.5 hrs, 12.3 miles, elevation 9022, 84.7 miles to pole Translation from voicemail: Hello, it’s…Read more

Hello Everyone. ¬†Yesterday there was a glitch on the technical side of things that was completely unrelated to the Fagans’ well being. ¬†They are fine and the glitch has…Read more

Hours traveled: 8.75 Miles traveled: 10.7 Total miles traveled: 471.4 Miles to pole: 109 Elevation: 8730 ft. Translation from voicemail: Hello it’s Chris and Marty, Team 3belowzero, Day 39.…Read more

Hours traveled: 10 Miles traveled: 14.3 Total miles traveled: 460.7 Miles to pole: 120 Elevation: 8821 ft. Translation from voicemail: Hey there everybody. Marty and Chris here, Day 38…Read more

Miles traveled: 12 Total miles traveled: 445.4 Miles to pole: 134 Elevation: 8500 ft. Translation from voicemail: Hi, it’s Chris, Day 37. Well, today turned out to be my…Read more

Hours traveled: 10 Miles traveled: 14.5 Total miles traveled: 433.4 Miles to pole: 146 Elevation: 8392 ft. Translation from voicemail: Hello, Team 3belowzero, Day 36. Well, I’m sitting here…Read more

Hours traveled: 9.5 Miles traveled: 13 Total miles traveled: 418.9 Miles to pole: 160 Translation from voicemail: Well hello, it’s Chris, Team 3belowzero, Day 35. Well, today all we…Read more