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Chris tells us about their first day heading south. Hours traveled: 2.5 Distance to pole: 560 miles Temperature: 18 F Altitude: Sea Level Translation from voice message: Hello, it’s…Read more

We were able to capture most of the voice message Marty and Chris left on Saturday, November 30th. They are awaiting their next weather window. They will take a…Read more

Happy thanksgiving everyone! We’re getting on our plane to Antarctica!! Showtime!

Preparations are complete. We rest while waiting for a weather window that will allow the plane to depart for ALE basecamp at Union Glacier, Antarctica. Hours Traveled: 0 Todays…Read more

Preparations continue with salami and cheese chopping. Weather delays give the team more time in Punta Arenas to rest up. Flight to Antarctica pushed up a day or two. …Read more

Hours Traveled: 0 Today’s Mileage: 0 Distance to Pole: 2554 Temperature: High 46F, Low 33F Altitude: 112 feet Transcription of voice message: Hi this is Chris giving a call…Read more

We are often asked how we will travel to Antarctica.  The only commercial (non-governmental) service to take you there is Antarctica Logistics and Expeditions (ALE).  We will fly from…Read more