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(Scroll down to see five new photos.) Translation from voicemail: Hello it’s Chris, Team 3 Below Zero. It is Monday, January 20th. And we thought we would bring you…Read more

Hours Traveled: 8 hrs and 11.5 miles Distance to pole: 541.5 miles Translation from voice mail: Hi, this is Chris and Marty calling in to give you an update…Read more

Preparations are complete. We rest while waiting for a weather window that will allow the plane to depart for ALE basecamp at Union Glacier, Antarctica. Hours Traveled: 0 Todays…Read more

Preparations continue with salami and cheese chopping. Weather delays give the team more time in Punta Arenas to rest up. Flight to Antarctica pushed up a day or two. …Read more

Today Marty and I spent our day organizing our food and gear in a warehouse at an undisclosed location in Punta Arenas, Chile.  Why all the secrecy?  Because this…Read more

A lot of people ask us what we’ll eat while in Antarctica.  Overall we plan to consume 5400 calories a day, while we’ll burn around 7000-8000 calories.  Yes, based…Read more

On January 26th, 2012, Norwegian Aleksander Gamme and Austrailians James Cassistrion and Justin Jones (known as Cas and Jonsey) became the first to walk from the edge of Antarctica…Read more