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We were recently interviewed by Go Outside Brazil to be part of an article about couples who do adventures together.  Due to the language barrier (we don’t speak Portuguese)…Read more

Hours traveled: 8.5 Miles traveled: 12.1 Total distance covered: 67.8 miles Elevation: 1776 feet Translation from voicemail: Hi everybody this is Marty and Chris, team 3belowzero and yes, Marty’s…Read more

Hi, this is Chris again. Sounds like I might have got cut off there. I was just gonna answer a few questions tonight and one of the questions was…Read more

We were able to capture most of the voice message Marty and Chris left on Saturday, November 30th. They are awaiting their next weather window. They will take a…Read more

This morning we learned that we are not departing for Antarctica as we are still waiting for our weather window.  So Marty and I decided we would like to…Read more

Today we learned that our plane from Punta Arenas to Antarctica will likely depart on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We will be so thankful if we can spend Thanksgiving in…Read more

A lot of people ask us what we’ll eat while in Antarctica.  Overall we plan to consume 5400 calories a day, while we’ll burn around 7000-8000 calories.  Yes, based…Read more