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The fifth graders at North Bend Elementary School created this video to surprise us while we were in Antarctica.  It was loaded onto our iPhone and we didn’t watch…Read more

Preparations are complete. We rest while waiting for a weather window that will allow the plane to depart for ALE basecamp at Union Glacier, Antarctica. Hours Traveled: 0 Todays…Read more

We are honored to be featured on King5’s Evening Magazine.  We had a lot of fun having Michael King come out to North Bend and interview us. Check out…Read more

We are often asked how we will travel to Antarctica.  The only commercial (non-governmental) service to take you there is Antarctica Logistics and Expeditions (ALE).  We will fly from…Read more

Mt. Rainier, a northwest icon standing at 14,411, dominates the landscape of Mt. Rainier National Park. While Marty and I have summitted Mt. Rainier a number of times, we…Read more

Our South Pole journey will require tremendous endurance and mental stamina.  Luckily our ultra running training and experience gives us a good start. It’s hard to believe that Marty…Read more

On January 26th, 2012, Norwegian Aleksander Gamme and Austrailians James Cassistrion and Justin Jones (known as Cas and Jonsey) became the first to walk from the edge of Antarctica…Read more