Day 1-DSC_2827-small Chris tells us about their first day heading south.

Hours traveled: 2.5
Distance to pole: 560 miles
Temperature: 18 F
Altitude: Sea Level

Translation from voice message: Hello, it’s Chris and Marty calling in from Antarctica. Today it’s what we feel is our official day one of our expedition as we departed Union Glacier at about 2 PM today. A beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, sunny day. We flew over Patriot Hills and about a two hour flight took us to the Ronne Ice Shelf and we landed about two and a half miles onto the shelf from land.

So at about 4:15 this afternoon we set off and really, when the plane took off, there we were. It was a feeling I’ll never forget. You are really in the middle of nowhere and everywhere you look is just a sea of white and it’s just piercingly silent. Amazing, and there’s no landmarks of any kind. So we basically pulled out our compass and our GPS and took a bearing, and started walking south.

Whooooo Day 1 on the IceSo about two hours later we decided to set up camp at about 6:15. We’re kind of slow. We are just kinda taking our time working out some systems, changing our gloves and coat systems. It was a little warm today. And getting a feel of the sleds. We covered a couple, uhh two and a half miles in that time.

We really feel great about being here in camp tonight. It’s just a great feeling, and after three years of planning and two weeks, over 2 weeks since we left Seattle. We feel like we are finally at the starting line and so excited to wake up tomorrow and put in more time here so, great day. And we want to just give a shout out to Saint Joseph’s school in Snoqualmie. Thank you for following us, specially all the 6th graders who are with our son, Keenan. And thanks so much for your support and for following along. That is all for tonight Over and out.