In late 2010, the idea of going on an expedition to the South Pole began to take hold of our imaginations.  Our big idea was fraught with uncertainty.  How could we leave our 12-year old son for 6-7 weeks?  How would our bodies hold up to the cold temperatures? Are we actually qualified for this endeavor?  How could we leave our jobs?

Despite our questions, we were inspired to go beyond what seemed possible and push outside our comfort zones.  Over the years, we’ve been inspired by others and we’ve learned that by stepping out and taking on a challenge, we can inspire too. It’s like a circle of inspiration.

At the heart of our expedition, what we hoped to do beyond making it to the South Pole, was to spark possibilities in others. 

After returning home, we learned that we inspired some followers to:

  • Run a first 5K race
  • Write a book
  • Eat more healthfully
  • Try harder at school
  • Give back to the community

Inspiration connects us.  It opens us up to put good into our lives and the world.