Today Marty and I spent our day organizing our food and gear in a warehouse at an undisclosed location in Punta Arenas, Chile.  Why all the secrecy?  Because this warehouse holds thousands of dollars of expedition gear for a handful of people heading to the South Pole.

Before we head into the warehouse, let me tell you how our day began in our quaint, ten-room hotel.  At breakfast, we were greeted with a smile and a platter of fresh, yummy food presented on top of this inspirational placemat.  What a great way to start the day.


Upon arriving at the undisclosed warehouse, we located the gear we had shipped weeks earlier in the middle of a sea of boxes, stuffed shelves and wooden crates.  Here Marty releases our sleds from their shipping coffin:


Next we unpacked our 8 blue rubber tubs of gear and worked for hours repackaging food by eliminating all unnecessary packaging to save weight.


Here’s our little corner of the warehouse that we called home for the day.  Thank goodness all of the gear in the background isn’t ours or we would have a very hard time pulling our sleds (and everything wouldn’t fit)!


If you want to see where Punta Arenas, Chile is located, check out our “Track Our Progress” map page.  We have pinpointed the location of our hotel (not the … unmarked warehouse).  Tomorrow we’ll spend part of the morning doing final testing of our satellite phones, shopping for perishable foods (for all our fatty foods like salami, cheese, butter, and nuts) and then back to the warehouse to finalize our packing.