IMG_9234I wish I had more time to write down all that is swirling about my mind as we prepare to leave tomorrow.  The last minute hassles, the car repair last week, the broken down dishwasher that is still not fixed, these things can’t quell the growing excitement for what we’ve been planning for the past 3 years, our own great adventure to the South Pole.

As our “to do” list dwindles, stress begins to drain from my body and I am filled with pure excitement, joy and love, a cocktail of intoxicating emotions.  I feel so alive with anticipation for what’s to come in the next two months.  At the same time, I’m humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from our family and friends.

I realize that going on a completely self-supported expedition is only possible because we are totally dependent on our support system back home to care for our 12-year old son Keenan.  It does take a village – only our special village just happens to be helping us realize our South Pole dream.

It’s a lot to take in on the eve of our departure.  I still need to pack my last bag, study the manual for my new camera, download more audiobooks, and savor a few more delicious hours with Keenan.

When I was running with my friend Leni earlier this week, we chatted about the fact that this expedition will be an adventure of the mind and spirit, as much as a physical experience.  Marty and I have put in countless hours of training – running mountain trails, strength training in our garage, and dragging heavy tires.  As for our minds and spirits, I think they’re ready to expand to fill the white, wide-open spaces of Antarctica.  I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!