IMG_7793Hours Traveled: 0 hrs
Today’s Mileage: 0 m
Distance to Pole: 570 m
Temperature: -35 F
Altitude: 500 ft

This is a final test of our voice blogging system to make sure everything is working properly. This will be a live post to make sure things are working, and that the 3 Below Zero teamĀ  working behind the scenes has all of the process down. A big thank you to that team. Lindsey Larson will be posting our blogs every day. Brett Nunn will be making sure the translation from voicemail is accurate. Leni Karr will be answering a lot of questions that people submit on the blog and on Facebook. Thanks a lot to that team. We really couldn’t keep communications open with everybody without them.

Listen to the audio version of the Fagan’s dispatch from Antarctica (I mean North Bend, WA):