A special thanks to all of our sponsors who provided discounted gear or services.  Please contact us if your company is interested in sponsoring our 3 Below Zero 2013 Expedition.

Applied Imagination Media – As a Seattle web design team, AIM business websites have more of what you need to manage your online presence and connect with customers. Thanks to AIM for creating our fabulous 3 Below Zero website.

Summit Expedition and Nomadic Experience – SENE is an adventure company based in Tanzania.  Our biking, climbing and safari adventures with SENE have been superb. Thanks for supporting our South Pole adventure.

PILOTUR – Pilotur supplied us with their SubZero GMT watch.  These high quality, custom-made quartz watches withstand extreme temperatures of minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Patagonia – Patagonia supplied us with our various baselayers.  We are sure to stay warm and dry with these high quality  breathable layers.

GoPro – Thanks to GoPro for providing us with the Hero3 and accessories so we can capture all of the action during our time in Antarctica.

SparkFire – SparkFire is an idea consultancy dedicated to unleashing your creative potential.  They offer a unique blend of idea generation and creativity training grounded in decades of experience.  Thanks for supporting our South Pole journey.

Blue Cosmo – Blue Cosmo provides the latest satellite phone communications technology from Iridium, Inmarsat & Globalstar, SPOT, & VSAT.  We’re renting the Iridium 9555 from them for our journey.

Seven Hills Running Shop – Seven Hills Running Shop hopes to inspire people to great adventures: running 100 miles in the mountains; hiking the Pacific Crest Trail; going to the South Pole with your spouse–with no guides.  Are these your kind of adventures? Then we are your shop!  7HRS: Shoes, gear, and the urge to explore.