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The 84 degree mark!

Hours traveled: 9.5 Miles traveled: 13.5 Total miles traveled: 154.9 Elevation: 3535 feet Temperature: 10F We had our best day yet and we crossed south of the 84 degree mark! We will stay on the…Read more

Something to see out the back door.

Hours traveled: 9 Miles traveled: 12.6 Total miles traveled: 141.4 Elevation: 3400 feet Translation from voicemail: Hi Chris and Marty here checking in on day 13 from Antarctica, and tonight we’re camped where we…Read more

Good day, low light.

Hours traveled: 9 Miles traveled; 12.5 Total miles traveled: 128.8 Elevation; 3350 ft. Translation from voicemail: Hi, day12, Team 3belowzero checking in. And we had a good day today. We were out nine hours…Read more

What Chris likes about Antarctica.

Hours traveled: 9.25 Miles traveled: 13 Total miles traveled: 116.3 Translation from voicemail: Hello, it’s Team 3belowzero, day 11 and we are feeling much more revived than yesterday. We got a little extra sleep,…Read more

Good weather, rough terrain.

Hours traveled: 9 Miles traveled: 12.4 Total miles traveled: 103.3 Temperature: 5F Elevation: 2755′ Translation from voicemail: Hi, it’s Team 3belowzero, day ten. And today we had some good weather again which was great…Read more

Chris and Marty meet their first Sastrugi

Hours Traveled: 9 Miles Traveled: 13.1 Total miles traveled: 90.9 Elevation: 2400 feet Translation from voicemail: Hi, this is team 3belowzero, day nine. Well, what a difference a day can make, yesterday was crazy…Read more

Wind, wind, go away!

Hours traveled: 8 Miles traveled: 10 Total distance covered: 77.8 miles Elevation; 2030 feet Temperature; 0 – 5F Translation from voicemail: Hi, this is Team 3belowzero calling in on day eight. So I’ve got…Read more

Navigating in a sea of white

Hours traveled: 8.5 Miles traveled: 12.1 Total distance covered: 67.8 miles Elevation: 1776 feet Translation from voicemail: Hi everybody this is Marty and Chris, team 3belowzero and yes, Marty’s calling in tonight as the…Read more

Marty finds his inner Norwegian

Hours traveled: 8.5 Miles traveled: 12.5 Elevation: 1532 feet  Translation from voicemail: It’s day six in Antarctica. This is Chris. Marty is here with me as well. And today I was listening to a…Read more

Day 5 Continued: “Two of the strangest people I know”

Hi, this is Chris again. Sounds like I might have got cut off there. I was just gonna answer a few questions tonight and one of the questions was how you keep stuff organized…Read more