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Merry Christmas from Team 3belowzero

Hours traveled: 8.5 Miles traveled: 13 Total miles traveled: 264.9 Miles to pole: 311 Elevation: 4750 ft Translation from voicemail: Hello, Team 3belowzero, Day 23. Happy Christmas Eve to everybody and today was another…Read more

Cold on face, warm on back.

Hours traveled: 9.5 Distance traveled: 15.3 miles Total distance traveled: 251.9 miles Distance to pole: 323 miles Elevation: 4455 ft. Translation from voicemail: Hello Team 3belowzero, Day 22 and today was a great day…Read more

Rest day with videos from home and gummy penguins

Translation from voicemail: Hello it’s Day 21 and Sunday, December 22nd. Yes it’s Sunday usually Marty’s blogging night, but he did some blogging for me yesterday so we switched. So today is our official…Read more

Harder to stay warm even in the Sun.

Hours traveled: 9.5 Distance traveled: 15.1 miles Total distance traveled: 236.6 miles Distance to South Pole: 338 miles Elevation: 4430 feet Translation from voicemail: Hey there, Marty and Chris here Team 3belowzero. Marty doing…Read more

Chris and Marty’s South Pole Secrets

Hours traveled: 8 Distance traveled: 12.7 miles Total distance traveled: 221.5 miles Distance to pole: 353 miles Elevation: 4382 feet Translation from voicemail: Hello, it’s Chris calling from 3belowzero, Day 19. And today we…Read more

Made the turn towards the pole today.

Hours traveled: 9.5 Miles traveled: 14 Total miles traveled: 208.8 Elevation: 4268 feet Translation from voicemail: Hi there everybody, Marty here doing the team 3belowzero voice blogee tonight. So we made our turn towards…Read more

What happens when you overdress in the Antarctic.

Hours traveled: 9.5 Miles traveled: 14 Total miles traveled: 194.8 Elevation: 4090 feet Translation from voicemail: Hi, its Chris and Marty, Day 17 and thought we’d just walk you through what happened today. Give…Read more

It’s nice to be out of the wind and eating warm food.

Day 16Hours traveled: 9 Miles traveled: 12.5 Total miles traveled: 180.8 Elevation: 3725 feet Temperature:  – 10 F with wind chill. Translation from voicemail: Team 3belowzero, day 16. Well, I have to admit today I…Read more

How to take a bath in Antarctica

Hours traveled: 9.5 Miles traveled: 13.4 Total miles traveled: 168.3 Elevation: 3560 feet Translation from voicemail: Hello, it’s Chris and Marty calling in on day 15 and today I wanted to tell you a…Read more

The 84 degree mark!

Hours traveled: 9.5 Miles traveled: 13.5 Total miles traveled: 154.9 Elevation: 3535 feet Temperature: 10F We had our best day yet and we crossed south of the 84 degree mark! We will stay on the…Read more