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Prep Work Complete. Due to Depart Next Week.

Preparations are complete. We rest while waiting for a weather window that will allow the plane to depart for ALE basecamp at Union Glacier, Antarctica. Hours Traveled: 0 Todays Mileage: 0 Distance to pole:…Read more

26 Pounds of Cheese

Preparations continue with salami and cheese chopping. Weather delays give the team more time in Punta Arenas to rest up. Flight to Antarctica pushed up a day or two.  Hours Traveled: 0 Todays Mileage:…Read more

Unpacking, Repacking and Searching for Nuts

Hours Traveled: 0 Today’s Mileage: 0 Distance to Pole: 2554 Temperature: High 46F, Low 33F Altitude: 112 feet Transcription of voice message: Hi this is Chris giving a call in from from Punta Arenas,…Read more

A Day in an Unmarked Warehouse

Today Marty and I spent our day organizing our food and gear in a warehouse at an undisclosed location in Punta Arenas, Chile.  Why all the secrecy?  Because this warehouse holds thousands of dollars…Read more

Layover in Santiago

After 19 hours of travel and 3 flights, Marty and I are at our temporary base camp for the day, a café in the Santiago airport.  We have 8 hours until our final flight…Read more

Eve of Departure

I wish I had more time to write down all that is swirling about my mind as we prepare to leave tomorrow.  The last minute hassles, the car repair last week, the broken down…Read more

What do You Eat in Antarctica?

A lot of people ask us what we’ll eat while in Antarctica.  Overall we plan to consume 5400 calories a day, while we’ll burn around 7000-8000 calories.  Yes, based on that math, we’re sure…Read more

Final Test, Seven Days Until Liftoff

Hours Traveled: 0 hrs Today’s Mileage: 0 m Distance to Pole: 570 m Temperature: -35 F Altitude: 500 ft This is a final test of our voice blogging system to make sure everything is…Read more

A Parent’s Countdown

Chris and I spend hours running on the trails together. We use this time to discuss life, dreams, and what expedition tasks still need to be completed. Our main topic as we approach departure…Read more